Our Testimony  

Dr. Solomon Kendagor

Solomon grew up in a Christian home and made a profession of faith at age nine, during his family’s devotion, strongly emphasized by his parents. Each family member was expected to spend time alone with God and then share lessons learned during the family devotion.

Solomon is a graduate of Columbia International University (M. Dv), Covenant Theological Seminary (Th. M), University of Missouri – St. Louis (M. Ed and Mini MBA) and University of Pretoria, South Africa (Ph. D in Practical Theology).  He is a Board Certified Chaplain by The Association of Professional Chaplains.

Besides several articles Solomon has published four books:

1. God's Will is About Closed Doors: Discover Your Way Through Them
2. Every Tongue and Nation: Cultural Diversity in the Church Today
3. God’s Will? You May be There Already! Find Out
4. Successful Leadership: The Jethro Approach: Avoid burnout by doing it God's way

Ruby Kendagor

Ruby was born in Trinidad & Tobago of unmarried parents. Her father placed her in an orphanage at three months old when her mother left him. At age 16, the orphanage placed her as a maid in a Chinese family and later in a Muslim family. She came to Christ through Missionaries from The Evangelical Alliance Mission. She says, “I experienced God’s love before I experienced human love.”

Ruby is a graduate of Prairie Bible College in Canada (BA in Religious Education and Certificate in Christian Education), Columbia International University (BS in Christian Education), Covenant Theological Seminary (Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MTS) and Graduate Certificate) and American Association of Pastoral Counselors (Pastoral Care Specialist). She is also a Board Certified Chaplain by The Association of Professional Chaplains.

Our Work

 God has given us great ministry opportunities to impact nations through those who are in leadership including former International Students who have returned as leaders in their countries. In our local ministry, we invest in the lives of International Students while they are here in the United States in partnership with International Students Inc. Through our weekly livestreams, radio, and TV programs, we are able to speak to millions. Every one of these multitude of ministry opportunities speak of God's grace and love beyond measure, and we are grateful.

We work with International Students, (approximately 7,000 in St. Louis), from around the world.  Solomon is the Global Ministry Specialist for ISI and Ruby is the Campus Director for ISI Ministry at Washington University. Over the years we have seen many of them return to their home countries as top leaders and bearers of God's grace to a needy world.  

              Solomon participates in a weekly radio panel aired live Sunday mornings in Kenya, and worldwide through the internet. Currently the program is also taped and played during the week on TV, in total reaching an audience of about 5 million.

              In addition, after 25 years of working with international students, we are now focusing on following up on those who have returned to their countries as leaders in the Church, government, and other sectors. We travel across the United States and overseas doing seminars on Marriage and Family, Leadership, Conflict Resolution, and Diversity in the Church and secular sectors. Both of us have ministered in Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and Asia.