Our Response to COVID-19

Thank you for your prayer and financial support. Doors of ministry are opening in so many ways. God is building His Church and "the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." (Matthew 16:18). Not even COVID-19 has been able to stand against Christ building His Church. Your partnership with us is one of the ways Christ is building His Church. Here is a brief report.

Zoom Seminars: (Another tool God has given to us)

The first Zoom seminar was on July 26, organized by a group called KWITU (Kenya Women In The United States). This is not a Christian organization. We had many Christian participants but also others including Muslims. They all listened as we opened the Scripture to hear what God says about Marriage.

On October 16-18 we had another Marriage Seminar organized by "Marriage Dynamics Forum International", with over 316 couples in attendance. We gave the closing message on Sunday. We finished the service at 7 pm, but the people stayed to ask questions and seek prayer until 11:30 PM. Our hearts were broken to learn of so many experiencing serious problems. At the same time we were encouraged to witness God's healing in some of the couples we have worked with in the past, and they testified how God has healed their marriages.

Facebook Live Bible Study:

We see new faces from different parts of the world every day. They include Politicians, Pastors, Church Leaders and people from all walks of life.

According to Facebook we have "fans" in 58 countries. We are live every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Through watch party and using our tablets and i-phone we are broadcasting almost 24/7 with people listening from around the world.

Additionally, we sent our messages to more than 60 different groups and forums who play our messages in their Facebook pages. Only God knows how many are reached every day.

Radio and TV:

KASSFM/KASS TV: Panel discussion that include panelists who are former students and are in the USA, Kenya, Australia, Saudi Arabia and most recently Bahrain. The broadcast is live radio and interactive so that our listeners are able to respond with questions and comments.

Occasionally we invite political leaders to articulate their agenda and challenge them on issues of integrity and faith.

SAYARE (Voice of Mercy): Through a gift from one of our supporting Churches we were able to add another TV signal in Eastern Kenya. This increases the number of people who are able to listen to us through TV.

Solomon continues to teach every Thursday 8 pm and Saturday 6:30 PM. It is also replayed at other times during the week.

Looking Ahead:

St. Andrews School of Apologetics under the leadership of its founder and supporter of our ministry, Jeffrey Holtz, MA, has agreed to partner with us to offer a class on Apologetics through our station SAYARE (Voice of Mercy) in Kenya. This will help pastors, Church leaders, and other believers be grounded in the world and able to defend the truth of the Gospel.

We are exploring possibility of doing training overseas through Zoom.

Thank you for standing with us and making it possible for us to continue with the message of Christ around the world.

Solomon and Ruby

Your support means so much to us as God continues to open doors of ministry across the Globe. Please send your tax deductible support to International Students, Inc. P. O. Box C, Colorado Springs, CO 80901. You can also support us through our website: voiceofwisdomandtruth.org. Click on “Donate”. Scroll down to Solomon and Ruby Kendagor. Indicate the amount under SOLOMON AND RUBY KENDAGOR then hit submit. Thank you for making it possible for us to take God’s message to a needy world. While in the website be sure to listen to some of our messages and teaching. 

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