News from Solomon and Ruby Spring 2021 Letter

God Continues to Give Increase in Spite of Corona

Thank you for your continued support. COVID-19 did not stop nor slow down our ministry. We started this year very busy. Here is a summary of what God is doing:


A.   SAYARE (Voice of Mercy) TV Station in Kenya.
  a.    Solomon continues to teach God’s word Thursday 8 PM and Saturday 6:30 PM.
  b.    With financial gift from Grace Community Chapel the station was able to buy another
signal to expand listener-ship to Western Kenya. This resulted in many more listeners
responding. The station had to hire someone to deal with the responses from the listeners.
B.   KASSFM TV and Radio
  a.    We continue with panel discussion 10:30 PM to 1:00 PM CT.
  b.    Panelists are former students who have returned home and some
still in the United States.
  c.    Each session Solomon provides devotional from Scripture and leads in prayer.
  d.    We discuss different topics affecting lives including leadership, development, family and
other topics important to our listeners. Solomon provides Biblical perspective
on each topic.
  e.    The program is live through radio and listeners can send comments and questions
during the discussion. It is also taped and played on TV at least twice during the week.

NEW AREA OF MINISTRY: Apologetics Class

A.   We started on April 6 and we meet every other Tuesday for 15 weeks.
B.   We are working in partnership with St. Andrews School of Apologetics founded by
one of our supporters who is also the Dean, Jeffery Holtz, M.A.T.
C.    We combine Facebook and Zoom for the sake of students in countries
where zoom is not possible.
1 Peter 3:14a-15

  "Have no fear of them, nor be troubled, but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect,

Facebook Live

a.    English Bible Study
    i.    Until recently we were meeting Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We now meet
  Wednesdays and Fridays to give time for preparation and other programs
  in Swahili and Kalenji.
    ii.    According to Facebook we have followers in over 55 countries. In some months we reach
  60 countries. In April 15 Facebook stopped Watch Party which Ruby used to air our
  message 24/7 around the world. Ironically speaking Ruby found other ways of sharing
  and in since April 6, the number of people are reaching increased by 602% to 72,753.
  What a great God we serve.
   iii.    Ruby has been able to send each program to over 100 other forums
  in Facebook pages and Whatsapp!
   iv.    Sometimes we have to follow up with counseling through the phone and
  connecting listeners to Churches where we know of a good Church.
b.    Swahili Bible Study
    i.    We try to meet once a week.
    ii.    We plan to tape the teaching and make it available through Youtube and other forums.
c.    Kalenjin Bible Study (Kalenjin is Solomon’s mother tongue.
   i.    Meets also once a week
   ii.    Message sent to other forums


a.    We have done two marriage seminars with an attendance of over 600 people.
  b.    We provided Christmas message to a group of Kenyans in Washington organized by one
  of the officials from the Kenyan Embassy and other professionals.
  c.    On Easter we teamed up with another ministry in Florida and provided Easter message.


A.   Regular Support
   a.    We did well in December, January and February. But, we were short about $3000.00 for
  the months of March and April.
B.   Operation: Extra Expenses
   a.    Hunter Stout is helping with the technical aspect of the ministry, setting up all the
  equipment for our broadcasts, running of the website. ISI pays him hourly from our
  personal account.
   b.    Computer: We need a new computer capable of handling all the programs we are doing.
  Our current laptop is outdated and limited in capacity.
   c.    Zoom: We upgraded at a cost of $350.00 per year to handle up to 350 people at one time
  and have unlimited time for each meeting. As we grow we will need to upgrade it further.


One of our supporters is offering to match every special donation up to $2800.00 for our ministry between now and May 31. That means any amount you give above your regular support will double up to $2800.00.

Please send your support to International Students, Inc., Box C, Colorado Spring, CO 80901. You can also support us through our website: Click on "Donate". Scroll down to SOLOMON AND RUBY KENDAGOR. Indicate the amount. Scroll down and click SUBMIT.
Thank you for your love and trust
  Solomon and Ruby


FROM LEFT: Solomon, Ruby, Jeffrey, Hunter.
Working as a team to help believers around the world know how to defend the faith and give "a reason for the hope that is" in them (1 Peter 3:15).

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