The Gospel Going Forth In Spite of and Because of COVID-19

God continues to open doors for us in spite of and because of COVID-19. Many worldwide are at home and unable to go out. They are a captive audience. Here is how God is using this pandemic in our ministry.

Voice of Wisdom and Truth: Facebook Bible Study

(Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

For a while we were doing Bible study every night. But with the other programs, we had to limit to three times a week. That allowed time for good preparation and for the other programs, Radio, TV and Facebook live in Kalenjin. We started with the question, why Jesus came in the flesh. Currently we are on "A Journey from Genesis to Revelation at a Glance". We are looking at God's plan of salvation as a unifying factor in the Bible.
In Genesis 11:9 God began the creation of the nations that we see today. Immediately in 11:10 he began the creation of one nation beginning with Shem drawing a line all the way to the beginning of the Nation of Israel in Egypt. This is the nation God used to bring us the Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ.
ABOVE LEFT: Some of the staff at SAYARE when we visited last year.
ABOVE RIGHT: Standing outside SAYARE Station.


Sayare (Sauti ya Rehema-Voice of Mercy) - (Thursdays 8 PM and Saturday 6:30 PM - Kenya Time)

Solomon is currently teaching on Leadership from the Book of Nehemiah. However we started with two questions: 1) Why did God give the land of Canaan to the people of Israel? 2) Why did God sent them into captivity where we meet Nehemiah? God gave Israel the land of Canaan because of his promise to Abraham, but also because of the wickedness of those nations. It was the same wickedness that caused God to send his people into captivity.

Partnership with St. Andrews School of Apologetics

St. Andrews School of Apologetics under the leadership of the founder and CEO, Jeffery Holts, MA has given us a one year grant to support our TV program through SAYARE with a monthly donation of $500.00 sent directly to the TV station in Kenya. We are grateful for God's provision.

KASSFM RADI/TV (Saturdays 11 PM to 1 AM)

Panel Discussion involving returnees from Kenya but leaving in different countries including Kenya, Australia, USA and other countries. Solomon opens with devotional and provides Biblical perspective on the issues discussed. Ocassionally we engage politicians and other government leaders.

PICTURE BELOW: Taken during our last visit to the KASSFM station in Nairobi. According to official report from the station about 5 million listen regularly and many depend on our program for advice on important issues. That is why sharing Biblical perspective is very critical.

Voice of Wisdom and Truth in Kalenjin Language

This is Solomon's mother tongue, community that produces 80% of world's long distant runners. Currently Solomon is teaching on leadership from Biblical perspective.

When the Sun Never Sets

Every day and night Ruby arranges the messages on Watch Party so that even while we sleep the word continues to go fourth. We wake up and simply count the number of countries we are reaching. All glory to God.

Thank you for your support that make it possible for us to speak Christ to a needy world.

Please send your tax deductible support to International Students, Inc. P. O. Box C, Colorado Springs, CO 80901. You can also support us through our website: Click on “Donate”. Scroll down to Solomon and Ruby Kendagor. Indicate the amount under SOLOMON AND RUBY KENDAGOR then hit submit. Thank you for making it possible for us to take God’s message to a needy world. While in the website be sure to listen to some of our messages and teaching. We have someone who managers our website, edits our messages for Radio and TV and makes sure our equipment operate smoothly. This is an added expense but necessary for effective presentation.

For His Glory
Solomon and Ruby

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